Bedok Kaleidoscope - Silver Arts Festival 2017

Event: Bedok Kaleidoscope - Silver Arts Festival 2017

Hello and welcome everyone to Bedok Kaleidoscope, presented with Bedok Community Arts & Cultural Club with the support from the National Arts Council. This is also in conjunction of Silver Arts Festival 2017, a national platform that celebrates the meaningful possibilities seniors can have in the arts!

Singapore Broad Way Harmonica Ensemble was formed in 1980. For the past 30 over years, the ensemble specializes in performing Oriental and Western Evergreen Oldies.

They have been very active in local and overseas performance. In year 2005, the ensemble won 1st price in the International Harmonica Competition in Hang Zhou China and the 1st price in Singapore National Harmonica Competition in year 2006. Currently, the Ensemble is the member of Harmonica Aficionados Society, Musicians Society of Singapore and Singapore Hainan Hwee Kuan Harmonica Orchestra.

Join the Singapore cowboys Matthew and the Mandarins with all-time favourite country hits. In the early years, Matthew & The Mandarins were known as a pop band called The Hi-Lites in 1965. It was only in 1967 that they decided to change their band name.

In 1969, they backed Anita Sarawak on her debut EMI release and in 1973, released their debut album. Two years later, Matthew became the first Asian to perform at the legendary Grand Ole Opry. After returning home in 1978, Matthew recorded the hit song Singapore Cowboy. He and The Mandarins were headliners at The Shangri-La for over 10 years.

Love and support from our fans!

(About the author) Emcee Richard Style has established his popularity as an emcee within Singapore's events and entertainment scene through the past 10 years. Armed with his flair in local and foreign languages, as well as his impressive ability to engage his audience, Emcee Richard Style has been successful in winning the trust and hearts of both his audience and clients.